20 ways to be random :)

Talk in 5 different accents for an hour to confuse your family. 

Make pancakes, cut two eye holes and a mouth hole out of one and scare someone while wearing your pancake mask.

Sit on the couch for 2 hours then say “that was productive”.

Create a new language that you will use in times of great need. (and times in need of a spy)

Make 10 new colors by mixing the names of other colors.

Paint a picture of a sparkly unicorn and name it “Sprinkle Sparkle”.

Laugh for ten minutes straight even if nobody said anything funny.

Write a new weird song and declare “I am the next Justin Bieber”

Create a new dance that will be remembered in 40 years as “the best dance ever!”.

While driving in the car yell to someone walking by “Fruits can talk too!”

Eat a whole pizza by yourself in front of your family and then ask “Hey, when’s dinner?”

Freak out for no reason and then if someone asks you if your okay reply “Are YOU okay?”

Tell someone 6 facts for no reason about turtles.

Yell to the world, “PIGS CAN FLY!”

Make a plan to visit Europe in the next 15 years of your life. 

Creat a picture of a giant paperclip.

Film a video of yourself singing your favorite song, and then play it in slow mo to see how you look.

Think up a new game and play it nonstop for the next 24 hours.

Tell a new joke.

Walk up to a friend and say “darn, pickles and ice cream don’t go together”.

The Endless Story Game

I had an idea, to start a game.  I’ll tell you how to play.  I will start the first sentence to a story………. and you finish it, and then another person start a sentence and another person finish it and on like so.  So the first sentence of the story…………..

“First of all, I don’t know why squirrels like trees, but ……….”


This morning when I walked out of my house to the car, I was pelted by tiny pieces of hail! Have you ever experienced being pelted by millions of pieces of hail and being basically defenseless? (I did have a small umbrella, but it was still extremely harsh.) I DON’T THINK SO!! I think that another winter storm is coming to my area.  We have already had about 30 inches of snow! Do I really need to be pelted by icy rain?  No, I don’t think so.  Do you ever have crazy winter storms where you live? Tell me about them!


Snow Day: How awesome are they?!

Why are Snow Days so wondermous?  What do you do on a snow day? For me, snow days are the best because of all of the ……………………………………….



I love that you have total freedom! No school, everything cancelled! You get to play in the snow, sled all you want and drink hot cocoa all day! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE SNOW DAYS! Snow days are magical, the whole entire ground is covered in a blanket of white.  It seems like everything is on a stand-still just waiting.  Icicles form on the houses, perfect, fluffy, snow all around.  Serene scenes of the earth at its best.  Snow days are magical.

2011: The Start of A New Year

Who loves New Year’s? Somebody? Anybody? I KNOW I DO! What’s your New Year’s resolution?  My New Year’s resolution is that I am going to be a nicer person, to my sisters, my friends, and my parents.  I am going to stay out of things that aren’t my business and will help people even if it means sacrificing something of my own.  Tell me your New Year’s resolution! Thanks!




                          I mean really, how many of you know what giftedness is? Do you know what it means to be gifted? Do you stereo-type gifted people? What traits does a gifted person have and how do you identify them, well I’m going to tell you all about it. Being gifted…………. where to begin.  It basically means that you have mental abilities beyond the average person, you’re creative and can adapt to things and learn concepts in ways that other people don’t realize or see.  You can be gifted in TONS of ways! There are almost endless possibilities. I personally, according to my Myers-Briggs test am an EFNP.  That means that I supposedly am interested in people, am creative, warm, a natural leader, co-operative and friendly, and am able to relate to people.   I think that that completely  describes me as a person.  Even though somebody is gifted, they have weaknesses.  Some of my “negative” (not completely negative) characteristics include that I get bored with routine assignments in school, become deeply or easily upset at perceived “failure”, and that I always have my nose in a book, whether mature or normal maturity.    It isn’t like we’re a bunch of soulless robots that know everything.   Come on!   My “True Colors Test” told me that I was blue which means that I have heart-felt communication styles that creates peace and harmony in a workplace and I know how to bring out the best in others, based on my test answers.  I think that I can really create peace in a workplace and I know how to at least try to bring out the best in other people.   The last test that we took was the Learning Style Test.   I learned that I was split between visual and auditory learning.  I chose to learn more about visual learning.  I learned that I learn best when ideas, concepts, data, and other information is associated with images and techniques.   I think that my results of learning best in a visual was 4, an auditory way was 4, and a kinesthetic way, was 3.  I think that having a lot of different ways to learn is a very nice asset. 

I hope that you learned a lot about being gifted and how that’s different from what people think.  Thanks for listening, I hope that you can improve from this post.


Welcome Guys!

Welcome to my blog Connor, Meghan, and Anita! Thanks for checking out my blog.  I hope that you enjoy my blog and have a good time exploring some of my friend’s blogs too! I’m really looking forward to learning more about you guys throughout the year.  Thanks! And to all other readers, have a great time checking out my blog and my friend’s blogs.  I really hope you have a good time!!